Consumer Product Overview

Leading consumer products companies turn to Cyntrix Force Consulting to enhance their strategic and business performance, and increase their shareholder value. We combine deep industry knowledge with rigorous analysis to provide our clients with the insights required to make confident, fact-based decisions amid market uncertainty. These consumer products companies benefit from the depth and breadth of Cyntrix Force's deep industry expertise across all segments of the marketplace.


In a highly competitive, global marketplace, apparel, footwear and accessories brands turn to Cyntrix Force Consulting to help them win market share. Cyntrix Force applies its deep industry expertise and worldwide resources to help clients design and implement consumer-led strategies based on insights into the market landscape and underlying trends; to pinpoint overlooked and underserved consumer opportunities via consumer segmentation; to develop holistic digital strategies that unlock the value of the digital market environment; to develop optimal channel strategies that drive performance improvement with partners as well as company-owned channels; and much more.

Food and Beverage Consulting

Cyntrix Force has completed a host of engagements in the food and beverage industry, including over transaction support for private equity firms. Cyntrix Force is a trusted advisor to leading global food companies across a variety of categories and the food & beverage value chain. Our advisors play a pivotal role in helping food & beverage manufacturers and retailers design and activate strategic programs, gain loyalty with fickle consumers, pinpoint overlooked and underserved customer segments within a market, pioneer new markets and product categories, improve operational efficiency, optimize trade spend and engineer efficient supply chains.

Health and Wellness Consulting

Cyntrix Force is an expert in the health and wellness arena, having worked with many leading brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers and having completed dozens of engagements each year within the industry. Our practice serves companies across the health and wellness value chain and is complemented with insights and expertise from our adjacent verticals in Food & Beverage. We apply our deep industry expertise and worldwide resources with services that include growth strategy formulation, consumer segmentation, new product and service offer development, channel and pricing strategies, M&A support, international expansion and more.

Household Products Consulting

Cyntrix Force is a leading strategic advisor to retailers, manufacturers, marketers and investors within household durables and consumables across a range of sub-sectors, from mattress manufacturers to cleaning supply brands to automotive aftermarket suppliers. Our leaders and experts have supported household brands across a range of critical business issues, such as growth strategy development, channel and distribution evaluation, competitive landscape assessment, customer awareness and marketing planning, product development, business plan improvements and investment support. We consistently transform insights into actionable change, thereby creating value for our clients.

Media & Entertainment Consulting

Facing headwinds and uncertainty from new delivery platforms, new digital payment models & new competitors, entertainment and technology companies are constantly challenged to find new ways to engage and profit from today's digital consumer. With hundreds of projects in each part of the ecosystem, Cyntrix Force advises clients in all areas of media, entertainment, and technology. We help our clients grow profits and remain competitive amid market uncertainty.

Private Equity (PE) Consulting

For several years, Cyntrix Force has helped our clients deliver strong investment returns across the full transaction cycle - from initial target acquisition screening and strategic due diligence, to post-merger integration and strategy activation, to value enhancement and exit. A global authority in private equity, Cyntrix Force is a leading strategy consultant for large and small businesses.

Technology Consulting

Cyntrix Force's Technology practice helps firms navigate the digital revolution. From facing the uncertainty of new digital payment models to headwinds from new competitors, security concerns, and disintermediation, technology firms must find new ways to engage with customers. With hundreds of projects in each part of the ecosystem, Cyntrix Force advises and assist clients in all areas of technology. We help our clients grow profits and remain competitive amid market uncertainty.